Women’s day program

Women’s day program

Uva province labor department and the 98 Acres Resort & Spa held the women’s day program on 10th of March 2021 at Walawwa premises in Ella, Sri Lanka.

Mr. Gamini  Disanayake, The Assistant Labor Commissioner was the keynote speaker at the function.

35 women from over 10 organizations scattered across the Uva province joined as representatives for this program.

Where they were briefed and educated about labor laws which are related for working women such as; 

  1. Maternity benefits
  2. Work & compensation package
  3. Shop & office act
  4. Employee & employee’s benefits
  5. Wages board ordinance
  6. Factories ordinance
  7. Employee provident fund
  8. Employees trust fund

At U H E Foundation we believe in equality for all genders and welfare of the community. This women’s day programme was held in order to increase the quality of life in all areas of Uva region by spreading awareness and avenues of increasing value lives of women in office and at home.

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